Which Area to Choose for North Cyprus Property

North Cyprus has become an increasingly popular destination for overseas property buyers looking for real estate investments abroad. With its strategic location in the Eastern Mediterranean, affordable prices, and cultural familiarity, North Cyprus offers great potential for house purchases. However, with seven key areas that each have their own unique appeal, choosing the right location is an important decision for any investor or individual looking to relocate. 

This article will provide an in-depth look at the diversity across the region and guide you through the key factors to consider when deciding on an area to purchase property. Whether you prioritize a vibrant city life, beachside living, proximity to amenities, or a peaceful village atmosphere, North Cyprus has a property option well-suited to your needs.

Understanding North Cyprus 

Officially known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), the northern part of Cyprus offers a unique blend of European and Mediterranean culture. The TRNC covers about one-third of the island and is home to a population of over 300,000 in cities and coastal towns dotted across the landscape. It has gone through periods of rich history with traces of Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman influences. English is also widely spoken in the region. 

Buying property and investing, North Cyprus provides an idyllic location to enjoy comfortable Mediterranean living amidst modern amenities and facilities. It retains the charm of traditional villages while also offering options for city life. The area is framed by the glittering Mediterranean Sea to the north and west, with the leeward Besparmak mountain range along its northern coastline forming a picturesque backdrop. The landscape then descends to central rolling plains before giving way to rugged hills in the southeast. This diverse geography translates to great variety across North Cyprus’s real estate market.

Key Considerations When Choosing an Area

North Cyprus offers everything from affordable apartments to luxury villas by the sea, allowing buyers and investors significant choice to buy property based on factors like lifestyle needs, geography, proximity to amenities, and budget. Key considerations include:

  1. Lifestyle: Are you looking for a peaceful village, a buzzing tourist hub with nightlife, or somewhere in between? Access to amenities like restaurants and beaches is also important.
  2. Investment Goals: Certain areas like Kyrenia may have good rental potential for holiday homes. Other areas offer affordable holdings that may appreciate well over time.
  3. Geography: North Cyprus has a diverse landscape from rugged hills to central plains to sandy beaches. Pick what best suits your needs.
  4. Budget: Property prices can vary greatly depending on location. More remote areas generally offer luxury real estate at lower costs.
  5. Proximity to Amenities/Transport Links : Assess how close properties are to essential services like hospitals/schools and access to airports.

These factors will guide your decision-making process. They’ll help identify zones that align with your priorities, whether that’s the spectacular northern coastline or the rural Karpaz Peninsula.

How to Make the Right Choice

With so much diversity of property in North Cyprus, making the area decision can feel overwhelming. It’s essential to identify and rank your priorities, whether that means proximity to beaches, a quaint village ambience, budget, or a combination of factors. Consulting estate specialists like North Cyprus International early on provides objective insight on aligning different locations with your needs. 

There is no absolute “best” area, as each caters to different lifestyles. Visiting shortlisted zones in person further cements impressions to determine day-to-day liveability. NCI assists with expert consultations and localized knowledge to match clients with suitable properties in ideal locations suited to their requirements. They can then guide you through aspects like financing, legal formalities and relocation needs.

For a deeper understanding of your options and insights into the North Cyprus real estate market, including whether to buy or rent, explore our detailed guide here

Detailed Guide to the 7 Areas

With an understanding of areas of Cyprus, let’s explore the seven main zones housing buyers should consider:

Lefkosa (North Nicosia)

The capital Lefkosa delivers economic opportunities and culture as the island’s administrative and commercial hub. Modern high rises dot the skyline alongside mosques and monuments like Selimiye Mosque within the walled Old City. Cafes and shops abound while the University of Cyprus keeps things youthful. North Cyprus real estate options range from Old City homes to modern apartments and offices.

Girne (Kyrenia)

Framed by the towering Besparmak Mountains and nearby Five Mile Beach, the iconic port town of Girne/Kyrenia blends history with tourist buzz. Attractions like Kyrenia Castle and its old harbor complement the many shops, bars, and restaurants. Numerous British expats are drawn to the area. Many properties include beachside villas, apartments perfect for rental income, and homes nestled in the hillsides with stunning sea views.

East of Kyrenia

The spectacular coastline east from Girne leads to beach clubs serving expats and tourists alike. Areas like Karmi, Karşıyaka and Alagadi offer close access to golfing, water sports, and sandy beaches near wildlife conservation places. Luxury modern villas and bungalows are set amidst olive groves and citrus orchards.

West of Kyrenia

Quieter than neighborhoods east of Girne, charming villages like Lapta, Esentepe and Bellapais present locally-flavored cafes, taverns, and shops tilted towards a British expat lifestyle. Inland from mule trails with panoramic vistas, homes and villas channel quality craftsmanship and Mediterranean architecture.

West Coast Bay Area

Towns edging Morphou Bay like Güzelyurt resonate with rural vineyard settings and citrus groves, complemented by authentic dining and historical sites. Further west, ancient ruins mix with beach clubs and markets in coastal spots like Gazi Mağusa/Famagusta. Options span affordable apartments to luxurious villas.

East Coast

The eastern Karpaz Peninsula remains one of the island’s most untouched havens. Quaint fishing villages, uncrowded golden beaches and sites like Apostolos Andreas Monastery translate to a peaceful setting rich for eco-tourism. Options for property in North Cyprus range from isolated villas to apartments in towns.

Karpaz Peninsula

For seclusion seekers, the rugged Karpaz Peninsula offers paradise with wildlife, olive groves and views stretching to Turkey. Mostly spared mass tourism, main village Dipkarpaz provides local shops and restaurants near Ozel Tekke beach. Eco-tourism activities like birdwatching thrive while homes here channel rustic charm.

Comparative analysis of property prices, living costs, and rental yields in different areas of North Cyprus

AreaProperty PricesLiving CostsRental Yields
KyreniaHigh (€2,000+ per m2)HighHigh (5-8% gross yield)
FamagustaMedium (€1,500-€2,000 per m2)MediumMedium (4-7% gross yield)
North NicosiaMedium (€1,500-€2,000 per m2)MediumMedium-High (5-8% gross yield)
Karpaz PeninsulaLow (€500-€1,500 per m2)LowLow (2-5% gross yield)
GuzelyurtLow (€800-€1,500 per m2)LowLow (2-5% gross yield)
Mesaoria PlainMedium (€1,000-€1,800 per m2)LowLow-Medium (3-6% gross yield)
LaptaMedium (€1,200-€1,800 per m2)MediumMedium (4-7% gross yield)

Key Takeaways

  • Popular coastal areas like Kyrenia command higher property prices but offer stronger rental income potential
  • More remote regions such as the Karpaz Peninsula have lower price points and cost of living but less rental demand
  • Central zones balance real estate affordability with accessibility to amenities for lifestyle appeal

Consult with an expert to align your budget with the expected returns across areas of Cyprus that match your needs.

Property Types and Architecture in North Cyprus

North Cyprus offers a rich tapestry of property types and architectural styles, reflecting its unique blend of historical influences and modern living. Here’s a detailed look at what you can expect across various areas:

Kyrenia (Girne) Area

  • Traditional Cypriot Villas: Often featuring stone or whitewashed walls, wooden beams, and red tile roofs. These villas usually have private gardens and pools.
  • Modern Apartments: Sleek designs with contemporary amenities, often part of larger complexes with shared facilities like pools and gyms.
  • Architectural Style: A mix of traditional Mediterranean with modern influences. Expect to see arched doorways, large windows, and balconies overlooking the sea or mountains.

Famagusta (Gazimağusa) Area

  • Beachfront Homes: Designed for the best sea view, often with large terraces and open-plan living spaces.
  • Townhouses: Common in residential developments, offering communal living with a touch of privacy.
  • Architectural Style: A blend of old and new, with historic buildings in the old town and more modern, angular designs in new developments.

Nicosia (Lefkoşa) Area

  • Urban Apartments: Ranging from older, more traditional buildings to new high-rises offering the latest in urban living.
  • Commercial Properties: Including office spaces and shops with modern facades.
  • Architectural Style: Predominantly modern and functional, with an emphasis on sleek, contemporary lines and practicality.

Iskele and the East Coast

  • Bungalows and Villas: Often with a focus on blending indoor and outdoor living, maximizing the coastal setting.
  • Resort Properties: Part of larger developments offering a range of amenities and often managed services.
  • Architectural Style: Modern Mediterranean, with features designed to enhance natural light and sea breezes.

Güzelyurt and the West Coast

  • Country Houses: Typically set in more land, often with traditional features like courtyards and natural stone.
  • New Developments: Offering a range of real estate types, from apartments to detached homes.
  • Architectural Style: A mix of traditional rural Cypriot with modern touches, emphasizing harmony with the natural surroundings.

Karpaz Peninsula

  • Rustic Retreats: Simple and traditional homes, focusing on the natural beauty of the area.
  • Eco-Friendly Designs: Properties designed with sustainability in mind, using local materials and renewable energy sources.
  • Architectural Style: Largely traditional and low-impact, reflecting the peninsula’s commitment to preserving its natural landscape.

Environmental and Climate Considerations

When choosing a property in North Cyprus, understanding the environmental and climate aspects of each placeis crucial. The island enjoys a Mediterranean climate with long, warm summers and mild winters, but variations in geography lead to subtle differences in weather, natural beauty, and activities. Here’s what to consider environmentally and climatically in key areas:

Kyrenia (Girne) Area

  • Climate: Kyrenia experiences a typical Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and dry, while winters are mild with occasional rain. This makes it an ideal location for year-round living.
  • Environmental Aspects: With its stunning views of mountain backdrop and coastal access, Kyrenia is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. The region is great for sports, hiking, and enjoying the beach. However, being a popular area, consider its development’s sustainability and potential environmental impact.

Famagusta (Gazimağusa) Area

  • Climate: Famagusta is known for having some of the hottest temperatures, especially in the summer. The area benefits from a breeze off the sea, providing some relief from the heat.
  • Environmental Aspects: The long, sandy beaches are ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports. The historical sites offer a unique blend of cultural and environmental tourism. Consider water conservation and protecting historical sites when investing in this region.

Nicosia (Lefkoşa) Area

  • Climate: Being inland, Nicosia can be hotter in the summer and cooler in the winter compared to coastal areas. It’s essential to consider air conditioning and heating needs when purchasing property here.
  • Environmental Aspects: As a bustling city, Nicosia offers fewer natural landscapes but is close to several green spaces and parks. Sustainable living and energy efficiency are vital considerations in this urban environment.

Iskele and the East Coast

  • Climate: This place enjoys a moderate climate, with a constant breeze from the sea. Summers are warm and pleasant, while winters are mild.
  • Environmental Aspects: Known for its pristine beaches and growing developments, Iskele is great for those looking for a balance between nature and modern living. The area’s natural beauty makes it a responsibility for residents to focus on sustainable practices and preserving the coastline.

Güzelyurt and the West Coast

  • Climate: The climate is typically Mediterranean but slightly cooler and more humid, benefiting the citrus groves and agriculture in the area.
  • Environmental Aspects: Güzelyurt is surrounded by natural beauty and agricultural land. The area is less developed, making it ideal for those seeking a sustainable and peaceful lifestyle close to nature. Consider the impact of agricultural practices and potential for organic living when moving here.

Karpaz Peninsula

  • Climate: Karpaz experiences a milder climate, with less extreme temperatures due to its geographical location. The area is known for its unspoiled landscapes and biodiversity.
  • Environmental Aspects: The Karpaz Peninsula is a haven for wildlife, including wild donkeys and various bird species. Its long, untouched beaches are among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Living or investing here means committing to preserving its natural beauty and supporting eco-tourism initiatives.

When considering the environmental and climate aspects of each area of Cyprus, think about your lifestyle, the activities you enjoy, and how you can contribute to maintaining the natural beauty and sustainability of the region.If you prefer the busy city or peaceful countryside, being mindful of the environment can greatly improve your life and help keep North Cyprus’s beautiful nature safe.

After considering the various areas in North Cyprus for your property, discover the top reasons to invest in this paradise by visiting our detailed guide

Immersing in Local Culture and Lifestyle

  1. Vibrant Coastal Towns: In fast-paced port towns like Kyrenia and Famagusta, you’ll find no shortage of seaside restaurants serving popular dishes like grilled fish, kebabs, and meze dip platters accompanied by lively conversations and Turkish tea or coffee. Annual international festivals explode with carnival rides and street food that draw both locals and tourists for musical performances, dancing, and cultural displays.
  2. Metropolitan Offerings: North Nicosia provides a hub of shopping centers, cafes, and a modern arts scene, while more traditional pursuits like backgammon at local teahouses or bargaining in Old City bazaars transports you back in time. Don’t miss the chance to see locals cheer on football (soccer) matches or catch a university basketball game.
  3. Rural Villages: The rural Karpaz Peninsula offers a glimpse into a peaceful agrarian lifestyle and marine culture built around small farms and fishing villages. Witness locals use ancient methods like pressing olives by donkey power before unwinding over a home-cooked meal of classic hellim cheese, olives and stuffed vine leaves as traditional instrumental music plays in the background.
  4. Choosing Your Lifestyle: From the modern buzz of cities to the quaint charm of villages, partaking in North Cyprus’s rich range of culture provides the strongest barometer for which lifestyle and community calls to you. Consider an extended exploratory trip touring different areas to experience daily life before committing to a new properties.

Safety and Security

When relocating to a new country, concerns around personal safety and security often emerge. Across different Cyprus area, a combination of community trust, private security and police presence helps maintain low crime rates and general public order for both residents and visitors.

In cities like North Nicosia, a visible police force trained in community partnership model of policing helps deter crimes. Most residential neighbourhoods and developments employ overnight private security officers for additional safety.

In busy downtown and places with lots of vibrant nightlife, there might be small crimes, so it’s good to be careful just like in any city area. Luckily, serious crimes are very rare.

For more rural destinations like Karpaz Peninsula fishing villages, the long-standing close-knit community dynamic means everyone looks out for one another. Locking doors is less common than in towns. However, isolated communities can suffer delayed emergency response, so seeking any private security is wise.

In neighborhoods across the island, residents, builders, and police work together to keep Northern Cyprus safe. People often say how friendly and reliable the community is. Even so, it’s always smart to have insurance and be careful, especially in new regions.

The Role of NCI in Your Property Search

As an established Turkish Cypriot run company, North Cyprus International leverages extensive localized experience to make the overseas property buying real estate process smoother. Their services include:

  • Area consultations to align lifestyle needs with housing locations
  • Viewing trips to visit potential neighborhoods and homes
  • Guidance on legal processes for purchases as a foreign citizens
  • Mortgages and financing assistance through local partner banks
  • Property valuations to ensure pricing suits the location and market
  • After-sales support for relocation and settling into your new home

With friendly staff well-versed in English, NCI simplifies each step from initial enquiry to signing contracts and relocation. Their partnerships with developers provide clients with exclusive buying opportunities not available elsewhere for certain new projects across North Cyprus. For overseas buyers seeking their ideal home or foreign investors looking to tap into this Mediterranean gem, NCI provides on-the-ground expertise.