Discovering Paradise: Top Reasons to Buy Property in North Cyprus

Tucked away in the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, North Cyprus is an island destination that delicately blends natural beauty, culture, and opportunity. This lesser-known Turkish Cypriot haven has steadily gained traction among foreign investors seeking affordable homes under the sun.

With its friendly locals, idyllic beaches, rising property values and relaxed pace of life, this region presents a compelling case as a place for both lifestyle fulfilment and real estate investment.

Curious to uncover what is drawing people to put down roots on this island? Read on for the top reasons you may want to buy property in Northern Cyprus.

A Stunning Retreat Enveloped by Nature

One glimpse of North part beautiful landscapes and you’ll appreciate why so many seek estate here. Its scenery ranges from:

  • Rugged mountain ranges and pine forests
  • Fertile citrus groves and olive gardens
  • Uninterrupted golden sand beaches

The mild Mediterranean climate means mostly sunny days year-round – perfect for enjoying alfresco island life. Cool coastal breezes relieve the summer heat, while winters remain pleasantly warm.

Whether you crave sunset seaside strolls or sipping coffee on your veranda amidst citrus trees, North Cyprus proffers the picturesque environment for your hideaway.

Affordable Pricing with Strong Returns

When weighing up where to purchase house abroad, North Cyprus grabs attention for its affordable pricing and promising returns.

North Cyprus property market is still considered an emerging, allowing you to snap up high-quality homes and apartments at a fraction of the cost of other destinations. Prices currently sit nearly 50% lower than the republic’s southern half – although this discount window is closing as more buyers discover its potential.

And while the lower cost of living is a drawcard for residents, property values are steadily rising by around 5-10% each year – bringing healthy returns for investors through capital growth and rental properties income.

Purchasing at the right entry point before mass development could see your asset multiply over the next decade.

Real Estate Statistics

Average property prices in key North Cyprus destinations:

  • Kyrenia: €140,000 for an apartment, up 15% over 2 years
  • Famagusta: €100,000 for an apartment, up 12% over 2 years
  • Villa in countryside: €180,000, up 20% over 2 years

Rental yields for properties based on type:

  • Apartments: Average 5-7% yearly yields
  • Village homes: Average 4-6% yearly yields
  • Beachfront villas: Average 6-8% yearly yields

The rising property value over the past two years in main destinations like Kyrenia and Famagusta reflect the growing foreign interest and investment occurring in North Cyprus real estate. Yields between 4-8% are indicative of the solid returns available across holding types – from apartments to spacious villas – providing healthy additional income for investors.

Rich Traditions Meet Simple Pleasures

Life flows at an unhurried pace on the island. The friendly, welcoming locals fully embrace their rich culture, evident in the animated street markets, music-filled taverns and vibrant festivals held throughout the year.

Village communities maintain their age-old crafts like pottery and basket weaving. Long lunches are dedicated to meze – a spread of small dishes that hero local specialities like hellim cheese. And you can always expect a strong Turkish coffee to punctuate a day spent exploring.

Here, old customs meet modern comforts for the ideal easy-going lifestyle under endless sunny skies. For many who choose to settle on the island, it’s this simplicity that resonates most.

A Welcoming Community Away from Home

As more foreign buyers discover North Cyprus, the expat community continues expanding – bringing a multicultural flavour while retaining a supportive spirit.

Buying property can tap into established expat networks in region hubs like Kyrenia, or help grow sprouting communities in quainter villages. Either brings chances to bond over shared experiences and quickly feel at home.

Families also gravitate to Northern part for its safety – with crime rates that pale compared to most cities worldwide. The island life provides peace of mind while giving kids room to roam and thrive.

Expanding Infrastructure Entices Opportunity

Ongoing infrastructure upgrades provide another incentive for savvy buyers of property in Northern Cyprus. As high demand for both tourism and foreign residency rises, billions have been poured into developing the island’s offerings.

  • Developments: Recent hospital and airport renovations cater to the growing population. Road expansions are underscoring the need for more accessible housing. Commercial hubs, shopping malls, and leisure facilities continue filling out the island’s map.
  • Rental Demand: And with thousands of residence permit being issued, demand for rental accommodation remains evergreen – promising solid yields.

Forward progress spells emerging opportunity – particularly in yet untouched eastern and western regions where future growth seems inevitable.

Find Your Dream Property in an Ideal Locale

Northern Cyprus serves up plenty of options to match different buyer interests and budgets. Whether you seek a penthouse nestled in Kyrenia’s vibrant harbour, or a spacious villa framed by the Besparmak mountains – you are certain to find a house to call home. Village homes promise a community vibe near local conveniences. City dwellings provide cosmopolitan living mingled with amenities.  And favourable building regulations make designing your own dream home a reality within sought-after residential developments. Most properties include open-plan indoor/outdoor living catered to soaking up the island lifestyle against whatever view captures your imagination.

If you’re considering buying an apartment in North Cyprus, check out this comprehensive guide on how to choose the right one for you .

North Cyprus against other Mediterranean property destinations

DestinationTypical Property PriceLifestyleInvestment Potential
North CyprusAffordable; 50% cheaper than Southern Cyprus. High-end apartment: €150,000Relaxed pace, beautiful scenery, welcoming Turkish cultureStrong growth forecast at 5-10% per year as an emerging market.
SpainExpensive in prime areas like Barcelona or Madrid. High-end apartment: €500,000+Cosmopolitan, lots of amenities and entertainment. Can be crowded.Mature market, slower growth around 2-4% per year.
GreecePrice vary greatly by region. High-end apartment: €250,000+Stunning beaches and islands. Authentic Greek culture.Hit hard by past economic crises but recovering slowly.
PortugalAffordable in smaller cities, expensive in Lisbon and Porto. High-end apartment: €300,000Charming coastal towns. Growing expat community.Steady growth around 3-8% driven by tourism, retirement.
ItalyWide price range depending on area. High-end apartment: €350,000+History, wine, food, fashion. Fast-paced city life.Weaker economy with complex regulations dampens returns.

When looking at the cost, way of life, and potential for property value growth, North Cyprus stands out as a promising Mediterranean spot. It’s on the rise and offers the chance for increasing profits in the future, especially when compared to more established markets like Spain. Portugal and certain parts of Italy can compete lifestyle-wise. But real estate prices are exceptionally affordable by comparison. As the island improves its facilities and offers benefits for becoming a citizen, more people are becoming interested. This means that North part, which was once not very well-known, is beginning to catch up with some of the most popular places in Europe.

Navigating the Buying Process

Purchasing procedures favour foreigners, with buyers from over 70 approved countries now qualifying for residency when buying property in North Cyprus.

However, patience is key when navigating pre-purchase legalities as a foreign buyer. A reputable real estate agent well-versed in walkthroughs can prove indispensable:

  • Guiding paperwork
  • Liaising with developers
  • Recommending trusted lawyers

Lawyers also come recommended for officiating contracts bridging Turkish property law and remnants of the Republic of Cyprus’ constitution. Reputable developers have English-speaking staff to assist guide your purchase. But ensure you fully understand before signing.

While cumbersome at times, following official channels better safeguards your property investment.

Insights on the Citizenship by Investment Program in Cyprus

Cyprus has introduced a Citizenship by Investment program, attracting non-EU individuals seeking a fast track to citizenship. This program is particularly appealing for its potential travel freedoms, tax advantages, and the quality of life Northern Cyprus offers. Here’s a detailed look at the program:

Program Requirements:

  • Investment Minimum: The program typically requires a substantial investment in real estate, business, or government bonds. The exact amount can vary, but it’s usually several million euros.
  • Residence Requirement: Applicants may need to maintain a residence in Cyprus, which often means purchasing estate.
  • Background Checks: Rigorous due diligence and background checks are conducted to ensure the applicants’ funds are legitimate and they are of good character.
  • Other Investments: Some attractive option require a mix of investments, including donations to research and development or land development projects.


  • Direct Investment: The primary cost is the investment itself, which is a significant financial commitment.
  • Fees: Application, due diligence, and lawyer fees can add up. These vary depending on the service providers and the complexity of the applicant’s case.
  • Taxes: While Cyprus offers favorable tax conditions, new citizens should understand the tax implications in Cyprus and how it affects their global tax status.
  • Timeframes:
  • Application Processing: One of the program’s appeals is the relatively quick processing time. Citizenship can often be obtained within months, significantly faster than many other countries.
  • Permanent Residency to Citizenship: For those transitioning from residency, the timeframe to citizenship can vary based on several factors, including the investment route chosen.


  • EU Citizenship: As Cyprus is an EU member, citizenship grants the right to live, work, and study anywhere in the European Union.
  • Visa-Free Travel: Cypriot citizens enjoy extensive visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to many countries worldwide.
  • Investment opportunities: Citizenship opens up business opportunities in Cyprus and the EU at large.
  • Family Inclusion: Many programs allow family members to be included in the application, providing benefits for the entire family.


  • Reputation and Changes: The program has faced scrutiny and undergone changes to ensure it attracts legitimate international investors. Applicants should stay informed about the latest regulations.
  • Long-Term Commitment: Obtaining citizenship is a long-term commitment and should be considered in the context of the individual’s global tax and citizenship planning.
  • Professional Advice: Due to the complexities and investment involved, potential applicants should seek advice from legal and financial experts specializing in Cypriot immigration and investment.

While the Citizenship by Investment program in Cyprus offers a fast track to EU citizenship with many potential benefits, it requires a significant financial commitment and careful consideration of legal and tax implications. As the program evolves, staying informed and seeking expert advice is crucial for those considering this path.

Positive Momentum in Cyprus Property

As tourism recovers post-pandemic, Northern part appears poised for promising growth off the back of new infrastructure catering to its expanding expat population.

Areas like Famagusta – set to reopen after almost 50 years – may transform the coastal region with an influx of buyers and development.

Yet pockets of the island still remain largely undiscovered – signalling opportunities for strategic international investors to enter before added value. Yields averaging 5-7% should also entice buyers seeking recurring income.

Market Fluctuations

While fluctuations will persist, the overall upward trajectory is forecast to continue – making now an opportune time to find your own slice of paradise.

It’s crucial for anyone interested in investing in North Cyprus, or any real estate market, to conduct thorough research or consult with financial and estate professionals. Understanding the historical trends, current market conditions, and future projections can provide a clearer picture of the risks and stability of the market. 

Factors such as political stability, economic growth, tourism trends, and international relations can all impact real estate values. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of these elements, investors can make more informed decisions and better prepare for any fluctuations that may occur.

Discover Your Ideal Island Home

For adventure seekers, culture buffs and relaxed resort dwellers alike, Northern Cyprus presents the total package when it comes to lifestyle.

Yet those who secure a stake early while the island remains under the radar may benefit most from capitalising on real estate growth and rental yields as its future unfolds. Hopefully, the prospects of affordable prices, high returns, rich culture and natural beauty help capture your imagination for what life could hold should you in