North Cyprus Apartment – Your Guide on How to Choose

North Cyprus has grown increasingly popular in recent years as both a vacation destination and retirement spot for expats. With its year-round sunny weather, beautiful beaches, friendly locals, Mediterranean cuisine and low cost of living, North Cyprus offers an idyllic lifestyle. As more people look to buy perfect property in North Cyprus, it’s important to understand the real estate market when searching for your ideal home. 

This article provides a step-by-step guide on factors to consider when choosing an apartment to purchase in North Cyprus.

We’ll cover everything from location and neighborhood features to look for, amenities and costs of different properties, understanding the buying process as a foreigner, and tips to get the best value property in Cyprus.

Assessing the Local Real Estate Market

Understanding the dynamics of the real estate market in North Cyprus is crucial for any potential apartment buyer. The market here is characterized by its unique blend of influences, including both political and economic factors, that shape property demand and pricing.

Market Trends

The housing  market in North Cyprus has seen a steady influx of international interest, leading to a significant rise in demand for various property types. Luxury apartments, sea-view villas, and modern complexes are particularly sought after, reflecting a growing appetite for upscale living. This demand is mirrored in the price variations across different regions; coastal areas like Kyrenia and Famagusta command higher prices due to their proximity to the sea and tourist amenities. In contrast, inland regions such as Guzelyurt offer more affordable options, appealing to those seeking tranquility and a connection with the local culture.

Regional developments, such as new infrastructure or tourism projects, also play a crucial role in influencing property prices. Areas undergoing significant development often see an appreciation in property values, making them attractive for both investors and personal buyers.

Political and Economic Factors

The unique political situation of North Cyprus, being only recognized by Turkey, adds a layer of complexity to ownership and investment opportunities. This status can affect rights and the process of buying property or land, especially for foreign investors. It’s essential for buyers to be well-versed in these nuances and seek professional legal advice to navigate this landscape.

Economically, North Cyprus offers a cost-effective alternative compared to the southern part of the island, with a lower cost of living and attractive property prices. However, economic fluctuations, currency exchange rates, and international relations can impact the real estate market. Potential buyers should consider these factors, as they can influence both the short-term affordability and long-term investment potential of properties in North Cyprus.

Choosing the Right Location

Choosing the best location is a pivotal step in the journey of buying an apartment in North Cyprus. The island’s diverse towns and cities each offer unique lifestyles and amenities, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs. Whether you seek the bustling energy of a historic town or the tranquil charm of a coastal village, North Cyprus has something for everyone.


Often the top choice for many, Kyrenia is a historic harbor town that seamlessly blends modernity with tradition. Renowned for its vibrant café culture and exquisite restaurants, the town also boasts a scenic seaside promenade perfect for leisurely strolls. Its proximity to beautiful beaches and the Besparmak Mountains makes it ideal for those who love outdoor activities and nature. The town’s rich history, evident in its stunning architecture and the iconic Kyrenia Castle, adds a unique charm to everyday life.


A bustling hub of Cypriot culture, Famagusta offers a lively mix of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. The city is close to some of the island’s most pristine beaches, including the famous Palm Beach, Kalamies, and Nangomi. For those who appreciate a blend of historical ambiance and modern convenience, Famagusta is a compelling choice.


For those who prefer a more inland experience, Guzelyurt is a gem known for its citrus orchards and traditional crafts. The area provides easy access to outdoor adventures with trails in Kantara Castle and the Troodos Mountains, offering a perfect blend of rural tranquility and cultural richness. Its proximity to the UN buffer zone also adds a unique historical aspect to the region.


Situated in the Kyrenia district, Alsancak is a small village that presents a quieter alternative to the bustling city life while still being close to the harbor. The village is near the popular Karşıyaka Beach, offering a peaceful retreat with easy access to the sea and local amenities.


A coastal town known for its harmonious mix of local and expatriate communities, Lapta features picturesque harborside views. Its location ensures close proximity to all the necessary amenities, combining the charm of a coastal town with the convenience of urban living.

In addition to considering the unique characteristics of these towns and cities, it’s important to assess the proximity to essential amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, and public transport links. The accessibility to airports and main roads can also play a significant role in your decision, especially if you plan to travel frequently or expect family members and friends to visit. Ultimately, the right location in North Cyprus will resonate with your lifestyle preferences, ensuring a harmonious blend of comfort, convenience, and cultural immersion in this Mediterranean paradise.

Research Neighborhood Features

Within your chosen town, take time to research different neighborhoods and residential developments to find the right fit. Consider factors like:

  • Noise Levels – Some central areas can be noisy with traffic, clubs and street noise. Opt for quieter neighborhoods set back from the town center if you prefer peace and privacy.
  • Expats vs Locals – Certain areas have higher expat densities while others are mainly locals. Choose based on whether you want to integrate more into local culture or seek out an expat community.
  • Walkability – Ideally choose an area where all the amenities, cafes, beaches and trails are accessible on foot or bike. This allows you to forgo a car.
  • Safety – North Cyprus has low crime rates, but still research areas for safety. Avoid unfinished ghost town areas like Varosha.

Understanding Expenses and Costs

Property price in North Cyprus are generally lower than the EU but vary based on location, size, age of building and additional features. Typical apartment costs range:

Apartment SizeAverage Price Range
Studio€45,000 – €65,000
1-Bedroom€55,000 – €95,000
2-Bedroom€80,000 – €170,000

Beyond the sales prices, budget for expenses like:

  • Taxes – Expect one-time 4% transfer fee on purchases plus annual property tax.
  • Furnishings – Properties may require additional furniture and appliances.
  • Utilities – Electricity, water, gas average €100-150 monthly.
  • Building fees – For shared facilities/services in apartment blocks. Typically €50-100 monthly.
  • Internet/Cable – High-speed fiber internet averages around €25-40 per month.
  • Currency exchanges – Factor fees for international money transfers during purchase.
  • Renovations – Older homes may require upgrades like new kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Legal fees – Lawyers typically charge 1% of purchase price.
  • Mortgages – Available as a foreigner with 25%-50% down payment.

Popular Apartment Types in North Cyprus

North Cyprus offers diverse property options to suit everything from luxury private villas to more affordable housing in residential complexes. When evaluating apartment options in North Cyprus, begin by considering the type of dream property that matches your needs and budget.

Cozy Studios

Best suited for solo buyers or buy-to-let investors, studios offer an affordable entry point into the North Cyprus market. Though limited in size at 300-400 square feet, clever layouts with foldaway beds and multi-purpose furniture maximize the compact space. Studios cluster around university areas and cities where demand for student accommodation and rental yields run high.

Spacious One-Bedroom Units

One-bedroom apartments present excellent value for money for individuals and childless couples looking for a pied-a-terre or holiday home in North Cyprus. With 500-700 square feet of area, separate bedrooms and living areas, and occasional alcoves for extra bed space, one-bedroom units offer comfortable practicality. Mostly found in urban areas, suburb districts, and coastal locales.

Two-Bedroom Family Homes

Catering to a blend of young families, empty nesters, and friends pairing up for a Cyprus retreat, two-bedroom units tick both lifestyle and investment boxes. The addition of a second bedroom alongside a master suite allows accommodating guests while the 750-900 square foot envelope provides private space. Two-bedrooms dominate the North Cyprus market across cities, suburbs, and holiday home regions.

Three-Bedroom Retreats

At over 1,000 square feet, three-bedroom apartments are exceptionally spacious by Cyprus standards. The multiple bedrooms conveniently host larger families and groups of friends while visiting North Cyprus. Three-bed units also work well as income generators via short term rental. Found both within unit blocks and as standalone units.

Penthouse Living

The ultimate in premium apartment living, penthouses crown suit blocks with expansive space, private pools and gardens, plus flawless ultra-luxury finishes. Capitalizing on height, North Cyprus penthouses flaunt breathtaking coastal city or mountain views. The exquisite interiors and facilities justify the multi-million price tags.

Key Apartment Features

Carefully inspect these key features during viewings to determine condition, value-for-money and suitability to your needs:

  • Age & Condition – Enquire about age of buildings as newer options have better facilities and fixtures. Check for signs of neglect or waterproofing issues in older blocks.
  • Utilities– Confirm connections exist for mains water, electricity grids and gas lines if applicable. Check if solar power or generators are installed for backup.
  • Fittings & Fixtures– Assess the quality of floor tiles, built-in wardrobes, bathroom fittings, light fixtures and wall paint. This gives clues on maintenance standards.
  • Furnished or Unfurnished – Opting for furnished units saves costs and effort of buying all appliances. But unfurnished allows customising to your style.
  • Parking– Check if the complex offers designated resident parking. Visitor lots are an added benefit.
  • Outdoor Areas– Shared gardens, swimming pool access and spacious balconies enhance lifestyle and future rental potential.
  • Storage– Storage closets in apartments provide extra space as do cellar units or separate storage lockers within the buildings.
  • Facilities– Concierge, gym, function rooms and guest suites in larger complexes add value. Also check policy on using these areas.
  • Building Maintenance – Enquire what amenities and repairs are covered by building management committees and monthly fees.

Besides the apartment Cyprus unit itself thoroughly inspect the building and community facilities as that impacts the services of properties and contributes to costs through building fees. With careful research you can find the ideal dwelling aligned with all features you seek.

Rental Market Prospects

For buy-to-let investors or second homeowners seeking rental income when not residing in North Cyprus, assessing the market rental yields and cap rates before purchasing is prudent. Discovering property for rent in North Cyprus by owners can lead to more personalized rental experiences, as direct interactions with owners often provide deeper understanding of the holdings and its surroundings

The main tenant targets include:

  • University students – There is strong demand for affordable studios and shared apartments in university towns like Lefkoşa and Famagusta from domestic and international students during academic terms. Location near educational institutes is a major plus.
  • Expat retirees – Many British and European senior citizens also favor 1-2 bedroom units on 6-12 month tenancy agreements. Urban areas with amenities and infrastructure appeal most here. Coastal towns are popular too for the mild mediterranean climate.
  • Holidaymakers – During summers, travelers seek out conveniently located furnished apartments Cyprus and villas on flexible short-term arrangements, especially in established resort towns like Kyrenia and Lapta near tourist sites.

Market rates range between €300-€800 for studios and 1-bed units while larger multi-bedroom homes fetch €1,500-€3,000 per month in high season. Capitalization rates span a healthy 5-8% gross yields across property types. 

However legal due diligence is essential regarding zoning regulations, title liabilities, and tax obligations for foreign landlords. Seeking local real estate guidance to ensure full compliance and maximize recurring income as an overseas investor is highly recommended.

Navigating the Buying Process

The purchase real estate process in North Cyprus involves:

  • Connecting with a real estate agent – They’ll show you suitable listings based on your brief and budget.
  • Viewing properties – Schedule viewings for shortlisted homes. Take notes and photos for easy reference later.
  • Making an offer – Once you’ve found your ideal home, make an offer contingent on checks and due diligence.
  • Due diligence – Conduct checks on ownership titles, debts tied to property, building compliance and more.
  • Sale agreement – If all checks clear, sign the sales contract and put down a deposit.
  • Payments – Typical schedule is 30% on contract, 60% on title deed transfer and 10% after.
  • Transfer and possession – Once registration and passport copies are filed, new title deeds are issues in your name.
  • Furnishings and utilities – Arrange for any renovations, furniture delivery and setting up electricity/water accounts on your name.

The entire buying real estate process can take 2-4 months on average. Hiring a reputable lawyer helps navigate document submission and domestic property laws.

Finding Your Cypriot Dream Home

Ultimately the most important factors when weighing up apartments in North Cyprus are aligning with your budget, personal lifestyle and needs from a home. This perfect region offers idyllic locations for buyers wanting beachside living or for those seeking a peaceful retirement in charming villages.

Take time to thoroughly research different neighborhoods and homes in person once in the country. The right Cyprus properties for you is – with magical views overlooking the crystal Mediterranean Sea!