Houses for sale in North Cyprus

The Mediterranean allure of stunning beaches and relaxed coastal villages combines with affordably priced properties for sale. This makes Northern Cyprus an increasingly popular destination among overseas property shoppers. Whether buying real estate in North Cyprus as a vacation home, renovation project, retirement investment, or future rental income generator, the island’s relatively low prices enable stretching your money further for more indoor and outdoor living space. Let’s consider where to buy a house in North Cyprus, key areas to purchase one or two-bedroom properties, and types ranging from cheap houses to luxury villas fit for your lifestyle and investment strategy.

Why Buy a House in North Cyprus?

Purchasing property in North Cyprus holds growing appeal for foreign buyers seeking an affordable slice of Mediterranean life. Here’s a closer look at key advantages making overseas houses North Cyprus an attractive proposition:

  • Huge Savings Over South

With political isolation keeping prices depressed, expect to pay 30-50% less for comparable properties than in Cyprus’ southern half just a short distance away.

  • Laidback Pace & Friendly Locales

Leave big city stress behind and embrace wandering cobblestone alleys, long lunches at seaside cafes, and hill towns where locals take time to chat.

  • Historic Charm

From well-preserved medieval castles and ancient ruins to quaint villages with legacy Ottoman-style architecture and ambience.

  • Gateway to Three Continents

North Cyprus’ strategic location off the coast of Turkey and the Middle East makes it an ideal jumping-off spot for exploring Europe, Africa, and Asia.

  • Four Distinct Season

While winters stay mild, you’ll still enjoy spring wildflowers, autumn harvest festivals, summer beach getaways, and more thanks to the Mediterranean climate.

  • Established Expat Community

Retire or semi-retire to an already thriving overseas enclave filled with fellow Brits and other expat professionals and pensioners.

  • Rental Income Potential

Strong tourism growth paired with value property deals enables solid returns in renting out North Cyprus real estate to eager holiday travellers.

Best Locations on North Cyprus for Buying Houses

Houses in Kyrenia

The most well-liked tourist attraction in North Cyprus is Kyrenia, which offers investors and homeowners many options for purchasing apartments. You can pick an apartment from a wide range of residences in Kyrenia, from contemporary studio flats to opulent villas with breathtaking sea views. The city center is an excellent option for anyone wishing to reside in North Cyprus because it is packed with eateries, cafes, and other services. 

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Houses in Alsancak

Just to the east of Kyrenia, in North Cyprus, Alsancak is another well-liked neighborhood that provides a more laid-back vibe. Along with numerous stores, banks, and other facilities, the region is home to many cafes and restaurants. Here, you will find modern studio flats and large villas. The best part is that costs are typically lower than in Kyrenia.

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Houses in Esentepe

Esentepe is a tiny town just west of Kyrenia. It is known to offer breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. 

There are many options to purchase flats in the neighborhood, with a wide selection of sizes and types. This area is ideal for those searching for something different because most of the properties are contemporary villas or classic stone mansions.

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Houses in Lapta

Lapta, which is south of Kyrenia, is another well-liked location for purchasing apartments in North Cyprus. A variety of contemporary studio flats, as well as bigger villas and classic stone homes with breathtaking sea views, are available here. It’s an excellent choice for individuals seeking an affordable house in North Cyprus because prices here tend to be lower than in other places.

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Houses in Girne

The administrative heart of North Cyprus is Girne, an area situated immediately west of Kyrenia. The region is home to a variety of properties up for sale, from contemporary studio apartments to opulent villas with breathtaking views of the ocean. Due to Girne’s proximity to the city center and other attractions, prices there are generally higher than in other parts of the island.

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Houses in Long Beach

Popular Long Beach, which offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, is situated close to the east of Kyrenia. There are several apartments in the region that you can buy. They range from contemporary studio apartments to opulent villas with private pools. It’s an excellent option for people looking for a cheaper property because prices here are usually lower than in other parts of North Cyprus

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Houses in Famagusta

Famagusta is the major city in North Cyprus and its closest neighbor to the east of Kyrenia. Modern studio apartments and opulent villas with mesmerizing sea views are available here. Famagusta is more developed than other areas of the island, hence prices there tend to be higher than in other areas.

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Houses in Nicosia

The capital of North Cyprus, Nicosia, is near Kyrenia to the west. There are several residences in the region that you may want to buy. They range from contemporary studio apartments to roomy villas with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Due to its proximity to the city center and other advantages, prices in Nicosia are often higher than in other areas of North Cyprus.

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Houses in Guzelyurt (Morphou)

The little village of Guzelyurt (Morphou) is situated in the western region of North Cyprus. Apartments for sale here range from contemporary studio apartments to sizable villas and classic stone homes with breathtaking sea views. For those seeking a more budget-friendly property, this area of the island is a great choice because prices here are typically lower than in other sections of the island.

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Simpler Purchasing Process for Foreign Buyers 

The process of buying house in North Cyprus involves several steps. Standard form purchase contracts protect home shoppers. While title deeds operate similarly to other countries, buyers do sign a lease for roughly 10 years on a percentage of the price that deposits into a Trust until receiving full ownership. 

Turkish bank mortgages often offer the most favourable financing terms for expats and investors from abroad buying Cyprus property. Hiring a buying agent or solicitor proves useful for navigating paperwork and translations too. Taxes stay low post-purchase without foreign surcharges, adding to the overall value making Northern Cyprus an affordable option for buyers seeking property for sale to enjoy or generate rental income and future returns.  

It’s advisable to work with reputable estate agents who can guide you through the legalities and help you find the perfect home.

Coastal Favorites: Kyrenia and Famagusta

Where else in Europe could you find such affordable real estate close to the beach? Apartments, multi-bedroom villas, and townhouses with private pool or garden spaces are available just steps from the sea. For buyers prioritizing a Mediterranean lifestyle at an affordable price, houses in North Cyprus options shine in picturesque coastal cities like Kyrenia. With its postcard harbor setting dotted with cafes, shops, and family-friendly amenities. 

Travel east and Famagusta charms with authentic culture amid renovated traditional homes, Cypriot tavernas, and historic sites framing sun-splashed promenades along sandy stretches of beach. 

With major cities in Northern Cyprus, like the capital Nicosia, located inland, property prices vary. Areas closer to the gorgeous island shoreline, such as Kyrenia or Famagusta, command higher prices. However, these prices are still favorable when compared to properties in South Cyprus, which are just a short distance away.

Towns Rich in Authentic Charm: Guzelyurt and Lefke  

Gaining traction among savvy foreign property investors, areas like Guzelyurt offer attractive opportunities. This location remains just enough off the main tourist track to keep prices for cheap houses in North Cyprus very appealing compared to coastal hotspots. 

Guzelyurt, known for its history as a citrus-growing capital, is now blossoming. Newcomer entrepreneurs and European expats are snapping up village homes in its walkable center. These properties strike a balance between affordability and great rental income potential. Similarly, the region surrounding Lefke is up-and-coming, presenting another area where properties are value-priced.

Privacy & Seclusion on the Karpaz Peninsula

Speaking of the Karpaz Peninsula, home shoppers who prioritize peace, privacy, and seclusion will find their sanctuary here. They can own beautifully remote real estate which offers several options. Beach North Cyprus houses for sale are available directly on this less-developed stretch of coastline. Alternatively, properties are nestled among the region’s endless groves of olive trees and bucolic mountain valleys.

North Cyprus’ Karpaz region is a treasure trove of attractions, featuring pristine sandy beaches, hiking trails, quaint villages, vineyards, and ancient ruins and monasteries. Additionally, property prices in this area are lower across all types. From 1 bedroom stone houses for sale in North Cyprus to lavish hilltop villas. This affordability is largely due to the region’s lagging tourism development.

Traditional to Luxury Options for Every Lifestyle  

One of the best aspects of the real estate market remains the extreme range and variety available to buyers at usually at least 30% cheaper than comparable options in the South. Even luxury modern 4 and 5-bedroom villas in North Cyprus come filled with attractive features. These include private swimming pools, entertainment patios, several bathrooms, and smart home technology. Remarkably, they are available for fractions of the million-plus Euro price tags found in locations further south. Or traditional charm from cozy 1 and 2 bedroom village house for sale in North Cyprus and cottages with packages including renovation potential. 

Whether you imagine starting small and then upsizing later or jumping into a grand villa from day one, you’ll discover diverse real estate in size and price to match needs: from traditional houses for sale in North Cyprus to magnificent estates. Just add in the near-endless Mediterranean sunshine and easygoing pace of island living!

Why Northern Cyprus Scores High for Property Investors

Despite lingering political issues that limit tourism, global property buyers have discovered North Cyprus. The region has a secret cache of well-priced homes and investment properties. These undervalued properties are poised to generate higher rental yields and impressive future appreciation. 

Several key factors paint a strong picture for investors considering Northern Cyprus real estate: upcoming casinos, hotels, and infrastructure projects improving connectivity with Turkey are all boosting foreign interest. Thousands of new construction units are already being built to satisfy this growing demand. Buying multiple properties now allows investors to either flip later for a profit or establish income streams by renting out vacation homes in gorgeous island settings.

With potential reunification on the horizon, Northern Cyprus real estate is becoming increasingly attractive to EU buyers who previously viewed it as off-limits. Opportunistic investors now have a chance to enjoy outsized returns. They can acquire property in this region ahead of the likely future price increases.

Choose Your Own Mediterranean Haven 

Northern Cyprus offers an accessible purchasing process and affordable pricing, often at half the rate of nearby South Cyprus. This region promises a relaxed island lifestyle, set against photogenic beaches, scenic mountain trails, and charming villages full of character. With these appealing qualities, Northern Cyprus is increasingly attracting buyers. These savvy investors are drawn to its secret status, which offers Mediterranean magic at bargain costs.

Whether your attraction leans toward value-driven real estate income potential or simply securing your dream home immersed in historic island culture, make your next overseas house for sale North Cyprus. Get ready to enjoy sunny affordable living!


Why Buy a House in North Cyprus?

North Cyprus attracts foreign buyers with its affordably priced properties, historical charm, strategic location for travel across three continents, mild Mediterranean climate, and established expat community.

Popular areas include Kyrenia, Alsancak, Esentepe, Lapta, Girne, Long Beach, Famagusta, and Nicosia. Each area offers a range of properties, from modern studio apartments to luxurious villas with sea views.

The process involves signing a standard purchase contract and possibly a lease for a portion of the property's price for about 10 years. It is advisable to use the services of an agent or lawyer for paperwork and translations.