Healthcare, Entertainment, Gym, and Other Cost Considerations for Living in North Cyprus

For those looking to relocate and buy a house in North Cyprus, gaining access to medical care is straightforward. There is access to free hospital care, medications, tests, and emergency services through an extensive network of government facilities for residents.

While public hospitals may involve some wait times and outdated equipment, the care is quite comprehensive and the staff are devoted to serving patients. There have also been recent investments to upgrade clinics and expand medical capabilities across the country.

For expats and foreign residents, gaining access to the public system is straightforward by obtaining a health card for a modest monthly fee after establishing residency by purchasing property in North Cyprus. This grants treatment at any state hospital.

In addition to the public health services, there are now growing alternatives for private medical insurance in North Cyprus for those buying homes in the region. Local insurers offer basic plans to fill gaps like dental, maternity, and cancer care. Though coverage limits are quite low under these policies. For more extensive private health benefits, international insurance providers like Cigna and Bupa now offer modern plans for residents.

While public hospitals do remain a valued option for most, having supplementary private insurance can provide residents great comfort and flexibility. There are now decent private insurance choices for those investing in real estate or moving long-term and wishing to expand their medical coverage. Overall, the national healthcare system forms a solid foundation, while private insurers are adding options to enhance patients’ access to modern facilities and specialized treatments when needed.

When planning your move to North Cyprus, it’s crucial to consider not just healthcare and entertainment expenses but also fundamental costs like housing and food. Read more about housing, food, utilities, and local transportation costs in North Cyprus.

Dining out costs

North Cyprus has a wide range of excellent dining options to suit different budgets. Overall, eating out at restaurants and bars is quite affordable compared to many places.

  • At local Turkish restaurants or cheap kebab shops, a meal often costs just 20-40 TRY ($2-4 USD). These are great options for daily dining.
  • Mid-range taverns and family restaurants cost around 60-100 TRY ($7-12 USD) per person. This covers a main course, appetizer, dessert, and drinks.
  • Higher-end hotel restaurants and upscale dining can run 150 TRY ($18 USD) or more per person. But these are reserved for special occasions.
  • You can also find very cheap street food like sandwiches, falafel, goat stew, and other local snacks for 5-10 TRY ($0.60-1.20 USD).

Cheap beer and wine start at 10-15 TRY ($1.20-1.80 USD) at stores. At bars or clubs, local beers are 20-25 TRY ($2.40-3 USD). Cocktails are around 30-50 TRY ($3.60-6 USD). 
Overall, dining entertainment prices North Cyprus are very affordable compared to much of Europe. Eating out daily is easy on budgets.

Entertainment venue ticket prices

North Cyprus offers a lively arts, cultural, and entertainment scene without high costs. Here are some typical ticket price ranges:

  1. Movie theatres – Tickets start around 20-25 TRY ($2.40-3 USD) for new releases, less for older films.
  2. Theatre shows – Local productions are usually 20-40 TRY ($2-4 USD). Larger touring productions average 50-70 TRY ($6-8 USD).
  3. Concerts – Small local acts are 20-50 TRY ($2-6 USD). Major concerts by international artists range from 70-350 TRY ($8-40 USD). 
  4. Nightclubs – Cover charges are typically 50-100 TRY ($6-12 USD), including some drinks. Higher-end clubs can be up to 200 TRY ($24 USD).
  5. Festivals – Most major festivals like culture festivals, food festivals, and music festivals have free entry or just a small voluntary donation.

So entertainment and nightlife in North Cyprus is very affordable, especially for budget-conscious students and young people. You can enjoy movies, shows, music events, and clubs without spending too much. It’s a great destination for fun on the cheap!

For a comprehensive understanding of living costs in North Cyprus, including healthcare, entertainment, and fitness, check out our breakdown of the overall cost of living in North Cyprus.

Fitness and gym memberships

North Cyprus has an abundance of gyms and sports clubs to stay active. The costs are reasonable compared to much of Europe.

Local municipal gyms with basic equipment start around 100-150 TRY ($12-18 USD) per month. 

Private gyms with more amenities like group classes, pools, and tennis courts range from 200-400 TRY ($24-48 USD) monthly.

Yoga, pilates, dance classes, and similar range from 15-25 TRY ($1.80-3 USD) for drop-ins to 150-250 TRY ($18-30 USD) for unlimited monthly memberships.

There are also many free public outdoor exercise areas along the coasts. Most towns have free public basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts as well.
The gym subscription cost cyprus is quite affordable and in line with Turkish standards of living. Low membership fees make it easy to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

Mobile phone and internet plans

North Cyprus has good connectivity with some of the lowest mobile and internet rates in Europe.

For mobile phone service, standard prepaid plans start around 50-80 TRY ($6-9 USD) per month for calling, texting, and decent data packages. Postpaid contracts can offer unlimited calling and 6-10GB data for 100-150 TRY ($12-18 USD) monthly. Bringing an unlocked phone saves costs.

Residential broadband internet via DSL or fiber starts around 100-150 TRY ($12-18 USD) per month for speeds up to 100Mbps. Many cafes and restaurants also provide free WiFi. Public WiFi hotspots are widely available in cities for free through providers like Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell. Speeds reach 50Mbps.

Overall, mobile phone internet cost cyprus is very affordable compared to much of Europe. The connectivity infrastructure is modern and fast-improving. Easy internet access facilitates digital nomads and remote workers.

North Cyprus offers an affordable cost of living compared to much of Europe, especially for budget-conscious expats and students. With its Mediterranean climate and laidback lifestyle, North Cyprus balances well-developed infrastructure with lower living expenses than most European and Western countries. For expats seeking an appealing balance of modern facilities, natural beauty, and affordable costs, North Cyprus remains a highly attractive destination.

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