Breaking Down the Cost of Living in North Cyprus

Moving to North Cyprus brings sunshine, beaches and an affordable lifestyle. However, imported goods can be expensive. Understanding costs for housing, food, utilities, transportation, healthcare and recreation helps budget and plan your move. Here is an overview of typical living expenses in North Cyprus.

Housing Costs in North Cyprus

Housing represents a significant portion of expenses in North Cyprus. Rental prices in North Nicosia and Kyrenia are remarkably affordable, with one-bedroom city center apartments ranging from $110-$165 per month and two to three-bedroom apartments from $140-$250. In villages, rentals can be as low as $55 per month. Mortgage rates for foreign buyers are currently at 8-10%, making property ownership accessible. A two-bedroom apartment in Kyrenia or Nicosia can cost between $7,200-$13,800, while luxury villas and houses for sale in North Cyprus range from $33,000-$82,500. Affordable property prices combined with an inexpensive lifestyle make Northern Cyprus an attractive destination for both young and older people.

“For a deeper insight into specific living costs in North Cyprus, consider our specialized articles on housing, food, utilities, and local transportation costs and healthcare, entertainment, gym, and other important aspects.

Food and Groceries in North Cyprus

Food expenses vary depending on where you shop in North Cyprus. Locally grown fruits, vegetables, bread, and dairy are affordable, while imported items at supermarkets tend to be pricier. Bread costs between $0.11-$0.17 per loaf, local cheese ranges from $0.44-$0.66 per kg, and chicken breast costs $1.38-$1.65 per kg. Dining out is budget-friendly, with meals at inexpensive restaurants averaging $1.38-$2.20 per person. Even upscale dining rarely exceeds $3.85-$5 per person. Monthly grocery costs for one person average $33-$44, while a family of four requires $110-$138 per month. With careful planning, keeping typical living expenses for groceries low in North Cyprus is achievable.

Utilities in North Cyprus

Utility costs in North Cyprus are reasonable compared to Europe. Electricity costs approximately $0.014/kWh for homes, resulting in monthly bills of $5.50-$8.25 for 1-2 bedroom apartments. Water rates are around $0.44 per cubic meter, and garbage collection adds an extra $0.83-$1.10 per month. Internet packages start at $5.50 monthly for 10 Mbps speeds, while natural gas costs about $0.14 per cubic meter, with monthly bills ranging from $2.75-$8.25. These low utility expenses contribute to the overall affordability of living in North Cyprus.

Transportation in North Cyprus 

North Cyprus offers cost-effective public transportation options, with bus fares ranging from $0.22-$0.83. Taxis start at $1.10 for short city trips and have additional per km fees. Monthly fuel costs for drivers are approximately $11-$16.50. Purchasing a car in North Cyprus is affordable, with new models starting at around $3,300 and used cars available for $825 and up. Registration and insurance for an average car total around $82.50 annually. The cost breakdown in Northern Cyprus for transportation is reasonable, allowing for convenient mobility.

Healthcare in North Cyprus

North Cyprus boasts high-quality medical facilities and multilingual doctors at affordable rates. Emergency room visits range from $5.50-$8.25, while doctor appointments cost $2.75-$5.50. Prescription medication is reasonably priced, often lower than in the UK or USA. Full coverage health insurance costs around $137.50 annually for adults, covering hospitalization, surgery, cancer treatment, diagnostic tests, doctors’ visits, and prescriptions. Although some expats opt to seek complex procedures abroad, routine healthcare costs in North Cyprus are low and should not deter foreign residents.

Entertainment and Recreation

North Cyprus offers numerous affordable ways to enjoy leisure time. Beach clubs cost about $1.10-$2.75 daily, and many beaches are freely accessible. Cinema tickets are priced between $0.83-$1.10, while museums and historical sites charge modest entrance fees of $0.17-$0.55. Gyms, yoga studios, and dance classes are reasonably priced at $4.40-$16.50 per month. Residents can join various activity associations for minimal annual fees. Nightlife in Kyrenia and Nicosia is vibrant, with cover charges at clubs ranging from $1.65-$2.75 on weekends. Dining out is also affordable, starting at $1.38 per person at local restaurants. Overall, North Cyprus offers a range of cost-effective recreational opportunities.

The cost of living in North Cyprus is competitive and often much lower than in many Western countries. Expenses for housing, food, transportation, utilities, healthcare, and leisure activities are often lower than in Southern Europe. With smart planning and a focus on local products, expats can comfortably retire or save money while enjoying all that North Cyprus has to offer. For European charm without the high EU prices, North Cyprus is the optimal budget-friendly destination. Its natural beauty, relaxed pace of life, and overall value make it an ideal choice for those looking to live well on a budget.