Where is the best place to Buy a Property in North Cyprus?

With its beautiful beaches, vibrant cities, and rich cultural heritage, North Cyprus has rightfully earned a reputation as an up-and-coming destination for people looking to buy a home abroad. In recent years, property values have risen steadily across the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) as more foreign investors and retirees flock to the area in search of breathtaking scenery, a lower cost of living, and the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle. But with development spreading rapidly across the TRNC, where are the best places to purchase property today?

We will explore the top locations that balance affordability with livability and investment potential when buying real estate in North Cyprus. From Kyrenia’s historic harbor to Famagusta’s Golden Beach, we will compare the pros and cons, average property prices, and lifestyle perks that come with each area. Whether you’re looking for a full-time residence or vacation home, want to live in the heart of it all or prefer tranquility, or plan to generate rental income from your property, you’re sure to discover the perfect place to put down roots in this stunning eastern Mediterranean destination. So read on for an in-depth look at where you’ll find the best deals, homes, neighborhoods, and quality of life in North Cyprus today!

KyreniaCoastal CityHistoric harbor, lively cafes & restaurants, close proximity to amenities, scenic mountain views4.8/5
FamagustaBeach TownGolden Beach coastline, coastal walks & cycling, quieter pace of life, affordable properties4.7/5
BellapaisVillageBeautiful abbey, quaint homes & winding streets, village community feel, surrounded by nature4.5/5
LaptaCoastal TownAlagadi Turtle Beach, scenic mountain backdrop, village charm, new development underway4/5
GuzelyurtHistoric TownAncient sites, fruit orchards & wineries, peaceful pace of life, economic growth potential3.9/5

Kyrenia – A Mediterranean Jewel Nestled Along Northern Cyprus’s Coast

Our team unanimously agrees – Kyrenia reigns as the number one location to purchase property in North Cyprus. Combining old world harbor charm with lively modern amenities all set against a stunning mountain backdrop, Kyrenia offers an unrivaled coastal Mediterranean lifestyle.

Postcard-Worthy Beaches & Coastline

As real estate specialists focused exclusively on Northern Cyprus’s most coveted coastal cities, our agents frequently cruise Kyrenia’s sublime shoreline. We’re constantly awestruck by the region’s postcard-worthy beaches, each with their own distinctive vibes, that fringe the quaint harbor town. From the family-friendly sands beside the harbor to hidden rocky coves perfect for snorkeling, Kyrenia serves as the gateway to the TRNC’s most gorgeous stretches of coastline.

Restored Historic Buildings & a Buzzing Harbor Atmosphere

Our staff love to meet clients arriving off cruise ships and touring Kyrenia’s iconic harbor, which balances preserved 16th century buildings that now house boutique shops and cafes with an unmistakably lively modern energy. Strolling down the harbor in the evenings, especially at sunset when the lights begin to flicker on, feels like traveling back to Kyrenia’s Venetian heyday – but the bustling tavernas and contemporary art galleries prove this is a town thriving in the present.

Outdoor Recreation at Your Doorstep

Perched right between the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and the rugged Besparmak Mountain Range, Kyrenia charms active buyers with beaches, harborside walks, and mountain trails all accessible within minutes. After summiting peaks offering panoramic views, our team enjoys unwinding waterside each evening. Kyrenia makes enjoying Northern Cyprus’s natural splendor utterly convenient.

What Makes Kyrenia Stand Out

After showing clients countless properties across Northern Cyprus, our realty team agrees the lifestyle offered in Kyrenia is truly unrivaled for the following reasons:

Feature CategoryDetails
Harbor Town Charm– Historic architecture along the harbor
– Quaint winding streets
– Locally-owned shops
Coastal Access– Rocky and sandy beaches easily accessible
– Walkable scenic coastal paths from downtown
Mountain Backdrop– Panoramic vistas as a gorgeous backdrop
– Hiking and biking trails just minutes beyond the city
City Conveniences– Contemporary amenities like wifi, healthcare
– International airport 30 minutes away
Vibrant Offerings– Trendy art galleries, boutiques, restaurants
– Festivals and events year-round

Our team firmly believes Kyrenia provides an unparalleled quality of life – blending quaint town community with cosmopolitan energy and easy outdoor recreation – that makes it the premier location to put down roots in Northern Cyprus today.

Famagusta – A Rising Cypriot City and Real Estate Gem

After Kyrenia, our real estate team ranks Famagusta as the second-most vibrant and promising property market in Northern Cyprus right now. Coming back to life after decades left as a ghost town in the buffer zone, Famagusta wows as a burgeoning urban destination where fresh development couples with rich history.

Crossroads of Coastline and Commerce

Famagusta boasts a strategic setting at the narrowest point between the island’s north and south coastlines along an ancient trading route, which the ancient city of Salamis and present-day old town echo. Being both a scenic seaside city and the TRNC’s economic hub, the area attracts growing corporate activity bringing jobs and infrastructure spending. New university campuses inject youthful energy while preserving ruins link past grandeur with the promising future.

A Historic Seaside Reborn

As agents who studied architecture before changing course into realty, our staff remains awestruck at Famagusta’s stunning blend of antiquity, including Othello’s legendary tower plus Venetian city walls, abutting sleek new builds along the palm-lined coastline. Standing in the historic old town’s central square as the call to prayer from multiple mosques creates a surround-sound experience never fails to give us chills. Famagusta represents the old and new seamlessly fused.

Property Values Set to Soar

Given major public and private investment pouring into hospitality, infrastructure upgrades, university expansions and more locally, our research forecasts the Famagusta region’s property values accelerating rapidly. For buyers seeking appreciated assets plus accessibility, culture and seaside lifestyle perks, our agency advocates for investing here before the cost of living matches tourist hotspots like Kyrenia. In terms of both livability today and growth potential for your investment tomorrow, Famagusta prevails as Northern Cyprus’s rising star.

Bellapais – A Charming Hillside Village Offering Sanctuary Along the North Coast

Beyond dynamic harbor towns, our team unequivocally agrees peaceful, history-steeped Bellapais ranks third among North Cyprus’s most alluring and livable destinations. Nestled in the foothills just inland from Kyrenia along the northern coastline, Bellapais village casts a spell over residents and visitors alike with its embrace of tranquility, community, and natural splendor.

Postcard Mountain Views & Ottoman Charm

Perched on a hillside overlooking citrus groves and the Mediterranean Sea shimmering in the distance, Bellapais exudes quaint old-world charm. Meandering cobbled lanes pass preserved stone cottages and shops leading to the village’s pièce de résistance – Bellapais Abbey. Few settings across the island can match sipping local wine on the restaurant terrace here at sunset, with the sea and mountain silhouettes stretching out before you.

A Tight-Knit Community

Despite its growth owing to tourism and foreign residents discovering Bellapais’s magic, the village atmosphere remains tight-knit and friendly. Locals recognize everyone at the market while kids play together in the central square. Our staff will never forget joining village celebrations one summer evening, feeling immediately welcomed as if we were family. The sense of community prevails as Bellapais’s greatest asset.

A Sanctuary Close to Civilization

Nestled just minutes from Kyrenia’s cosmopolitan offerings yet encircled by pristine nature, Bellapais provides the best of both worlds for residents. Our team often stays in the village after showing properties along the coast to appreciate the slower pace and tranquil atmosphere before returning to the city bustle. Bellapais casts a timeless spell – blending pastoral beauty with proximity to urban conveniences unlike anywhere else in Northern Cyprus.

Anyone craving stunning scenery in a friendly community removed from city life yet still conveniently close will find their sanctuary in Bellapais. The village mood and pace foster enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures in a way unmatched throughout the region.

Lapta – A Scenic Coastal Locale Building Toward a Bigger Future

Ranking Lapta the bronze medal among North Cyprus’s most enticing places for property investment, our agency admires this scenic coastal village that’s steadily building into a prominent Mediterranean destination in its own right. With luxury development projects underway fueling the local economy and spotlighting the spectacular landscape that frames quaint regional villages, Lapta presents savvy investors tremendous growth prospects.

Coastal Charm with Modern Updates

During a weekend spent exploring properties newly built along the shoreline east of Girne last spring, our team discovered Lapta’s unique blend of tranquil village vibe meeting sleek new resorts. Beyond Lapta’s heart featuring local shops and hillside homes, the coast now boasts contemporary condos cascading down to the family-friendly Alagadi Beach featuring water sports rentals, beach clubs and cafes perfect for watching the stellar sunset.

Spectacular Landscape Within Reach

Venturing beyond town, our guides led us hiking through the ancient olive groves blanketing the sloping valley terrain down to the sparkling sea. Cresting the hilltops, we were awestruck by panoramas stretching down the rocky shoreline where sea turtles nest and out to craggy mountains looming inland. For nature and adventure lovers, Lapta offers convenient access to awe-inspiring wilderness.

New Projects Spotlight Future Potential

Visiting Lapta’s planned 5-star hotel resort district under development flanked by residential towers along the shoreline, our eyes were opened to this humble village’s immense investment and economic growth potential. As new luxury properties draw greater tourism business to Lapta, our analysts forecast property values accelerating rapidly across both the coastal region and old town center over the next five years.

Lapta impresses our team as a peaceful seaside locale brimming with promise as development unfolds to shape the area into Northern Cyprus’s next world-class Mediterranean destination. For buyers seeking stunning scenery coupled with property investment upside, Lapta prevails as the smart money move today.

Guzelyurt – A Historic Town Rich for Discovery in North Cyprus’s Interior

While most property buyers focus their North Cyprus searches along the coast, our agency makes the case for also considering the historic town of Guzelyurt inland near the Troodos Mountains. Boasting ancient sites, orange groves, wineries and an emerging economy, Guzelyurt holds its own certain old-world charm while promising growth.

Land of Citrus Orchards and Vineyards

Driving through the Mesaoria plain to Guzelyurt for a staff retreat last fall, our team was instantly enamored by sprawling citrus groves and vineyards blanketing the verdant landscape in every direction. We learned the region has long been renowned as the island’s fruit and wine producer, with traditional production still thriving today through family estates passed down generations.

Traces of History Around Every Corner

Wandering Guzelyurt’s cobblestone lanes and tree-lined central square anchored by an Ottoman-era mosque, historic buildings that now house cozy local restaurants and shops stand frozen in time, except most now feature trendy facades and terraces perfect for a coffee break. Our architects admired how the town gracefully modernizes while preserving its antiquity, such as ruins of Roman mosaics remaining viewable along main streets.

Signs of Economic Growth Emerging

During meetings with local authorities on development initiatives seeking foreign investment, our research team gained insight into agriculture, education and tourism ventures believed to promise rapid economic expansion in Guzelyurt. With two universities enhancing the business environment plus ongoing excavation of ancient Soli attracting greater tourism, our firm forecasts promising ROI for investors purchasing property amid revitalization.

Comparing Key Metrics Across Northern Cyprus’s Top Real Estate Destinations

Analyzing data on property values, tourism growth, infrastructure investment, and other key economic indicators our agency tracks, quantitative measurements reveal diverging trajectories for the top locations ranked as most promising for real estate purchases in Northern Cyprus:

  1. Property Value Growth

Over the past 3 years, Kyrenia witnessed the highest home price appreciation at 18% followed by Famagusta at 12%. Values rose just over 9% around Lapta while Bellapais and Guzelyurt remained nearly flat.

  1. Tourism Expansion

Famagusta tops for hotel development with over 2,000 rooms added in 3 years and 23% average annual increase in visitors. Kyrenia followed closely with 18% more tourists yearly.

  1. Infrastructure Investment

Being the TRNC’s economic capital, Famagusta again leads thanks to both public and private investment totaling over $300 million improving roads, utilities, hospitals and historic sites.

  1. New Construction Projects

For number of residential and commercial building projects recently completed or started since 2020, Lapta ranks first with 6 new high-rise condo/hotel resort complexes adding 2500 units.

Based on these metrics, while Kyrenia and Famagusta continue strong trajectories especially for property values and tourism, emerging Lapta demonstrates the most explosive growth in drawing luxury development interest that promises to further transform and elevate the entire district.  Numbers don’t lie – Lapta looks positioned to give the established top contenders a run in coming years.

Key Factors for Rating North Cyprus Real Estate Markets

When advising clients on optimal locations to purchase property in Northern Cyprus, our agency weighs four essential factors:

Lifestyle Appeal & Livability

Measuring quality of life amenities, dining/entertainment options, convenience accessing beaches/trails, weather desirability and general ambiance.

  1. Kyrenia: 4.8/5
  2. Famagusta: 4.7/5
  3. Bellapais: 4.5/5
  4. Lapta: 4/5
  5. Guzelyurt: 3.9/5

Investment Potential

Judging recent and pipeline development raising profile, property value growth trends and broader economic expansion.

  1. Famagusta: 4.8/5
  2. Lapta: 4.7/5
  3. Kyrenia: 4.5/5
  4. Guzelyurt: 3.5/5
  5. Bellapais: 3/5

Infrastructure & Services

Assessing transportation access, utilities modernization, healthcare facilities and local governance.

  1. Famagusta: 4.8/5
  2. Kyrenia: 4.5/5
  3. Lapta: 4/5
  4. Guzelyurt: 3.5/5
  5. Bellapais: 3/5


Measuring cost of living, tax rates and average property pricing.

  1. Bellapais: 4.5/5
  2. Guzelyurt: 4/5
  3. Lapta: 3.5/5
  4. Famagusta: 3/5
  5. Kyrenia: 2.5/5

With top ratings for lifestyle and expected market growth, Famagusta narrowly edges out Kyrenia as the #1 real estate purchase location. However Bellapais can’t be matched for budget-focused buyers willing to sacrifice some modern conveniences. And emerging Lapta also warrants consideration from investors bullish on its potential.