Best cities in Northern Cyprus

City Features
Famagusta Ancient walls, ghost town of Varosha, Salamis ruins, Othello Castle
Nicosia The world’s last divided capital, Venetian fortifications, Ledra Street
Kyrenia Kyrenia Castle, museums, cafés and bars at the harbor, adventures in the mountains and along the coast
Güzelyurt Archaeology and Natural History Museum, Orange Festival, St. Mamas Monastery
Lapta Natural springs, gardens, coastal walkway
Lefka Panoramic views, historical significance in copper mining, architecture, university

Table of Contents

Nestled at the crossroads of three continents, Northern Cyprus is a land where history whispers from ancient ruins, natural beauty flourishes in every corner, and cultures blend seamlessly to create a vibrant tapestry of life. This enchanting region, less trodden by the masses, offers a unique exploration into cities and towns each bearing its own legacy, beauty, and mystery. From the sun-kissed shores of Kyrenia to the fertile plains of Güzelyurt, Northern Cyprus is a mosaic of experiences waiting to be discovered.

As we journey through the cities of Northern Cyprus, we uncover tales of ancient civilizations, marvel at architectural wonders that have stood the test of time, and indulge in the natural splendor that adorns this northern enclave of the island. This guide invites you to traverse the varied landscapes of Northern Cypru, from rugged mountains and tranquil beaches to lush orchards and bustling towns. Each city and town unveils its unique character, shaped by centuries of history, culture, and the enduring spirit of its people.

Best cities in Northern Cyprus:

  1. Famagusta
  2. Nicosia
  3. Kyrenia
  4. Güzelyurt
  5. Lapta
  6. Lefka

Whether you’re drawn to the allure of historical quests, the tranquility of nature, or the warmth of local hospitality, Northern Cyprus offers a kaleidoscope of experiences. Join us as we delve into the heart of each city, exploring the essence that makes Northern Cyprus a treasure trove of the Mediterranean.


Famagusta, a city encased in ancient walls, tells tales of glory, siege, and a vibrant history that dates back over a millennium. The city is renowned for its perfectly preserved Venetian walls and the ghost town of Varosha, a once bustling seaside resort left frozen in time since 1974. Visitors are drawn to the ancient ruins of Salamis, revealing grand columns and ancient baths, offering a window into the past civilizations that thrived here. The Othello Castle, immortalized by Shakespeare, overlooks the harbor, offering dramatic views and a rich historical narrative. Additionally, the real estate in Famagusta presents a unique opportunity for investors and homeowners alike, offering a chance to own a piece of this historical treasure.


Pros of Living Cons of Living
A harmonious blend of natural, historical, and cultural attractions with modern innovations. Residency status in Northern Cyprus does not grant the right to free movement within the EU and integration into the European community.
Cost of living is lower than in most other regions of Northern Cyprus. Urban infrastructure and service levels lag behind other areas of the TRNC.
A wide selection of world-renowned universities.  


Nicosia, the world’s last divided capital, straddles a line between the past and present, offering a unique urban experience. The city is a blend of bustling cafés, traditional bazaars, and historic sites nestled within ancient walls. The Venetian fortifications of Nicosia, built in the 16th century, encircle the old city, leading visitors through a labyrinth of history, culture, and vibrant street life. The Ledra Street crossing point is a symbol of hope for reunification, where visitors can seamlessly walk from the Greek Cypriot south to the Turkish Cypriot north, experiencing the contrasting yet complementary cultures of the island.



Kyrenia, with its stunning backdrop of the Kyrenia Mountains and the azure Mediterranean, is a jewel of Northern Cyprus. The ancient Kyrenia Castle at the edge of the harbor houses historical and shipwreck museums, offering insights into the maritime history of the region. The harbor itself, lined with cafés and bars in converted carob warehouses, is a perfect place to enjoy the local cuisine while watching the world go by. Beyond the city, the region offers adventures from exploring the ruins of ancient cities to hiking trails in the Kyrenia Range, providing breathtaking views and a touch of the area’s natural beauty.


Pros Cons
Property prices are lower than similar characteristics properties in other areas of Northern Cyprus. Resident status in Northern Cyprus does not allow claiming all the benefits of the European Union.
The city has a pleasant, quiet atmosphere, picturesque nature, and beautiful beaches. To buy property in Kyrenia, one needs to obtain permission from the Mukhtar.
Well-developed tourist and city infrastructure.  


Güzelyurt, meaning “beautiful country” in Turkish, lives up to its name with vast citrus groves and fertile lands contributing to its reputation as the fruit basket of Cyprus. The heart of the city is marked by the Güzelyurt Museum of Archaeology and Natural History, showcasing the area’s rich past and ecological diversity. The annual Orange Festival celebrates the city’s agricultural heritage, filling the streets with vibrant stalls, music, and dance. The serene St. Mamas Monastery, dedicated to the patron saint of tax avoiders, adds a quirky historical footnote, making Güzelyurt a fascinating blend of culture, history, and natural beauty.

Lifestyle Pros Lifestyle Cons
Excellent environmental conditions. Urban infrastructure is not highly developed.
The opportunity to lead a quiet and peaceful life away from the noise of big cities. Investment payback — in the medium to long term.
Good future prospects for real estate investors as the area is just beginning to develop.  


Nestled between the mountains and the sea, Lapta is a scenic town known for its natural springs, lush gardens, and a long coastal walkway that offers stunning views of the Mediterranean. This town is a popular spot for both locals and tourists seeking relaxation and outdoor activities, with facilities for swimming, hiking, and enjoying the local cuisine at seafront restaurants. The region’s history, dating back to the Bronze Age, adds depth to its natural beauty, making Lapta a charming mix of the old and new.


Lefka, with its unique location at the foothills of the Troodos Mountains, is renowned for its panoramic views and historical significance in the copper mining industry. The town’s architecture reflects a blend of Cypriot and Ottoman influences, with the European University of Lefke contributing to its vibrant academic community. The surrounding landscape is dotted with ancient churches and the remains of copper mines, offering a glimpse into the area’s rich cultural and industrial heritage. Lefka’s commitment to environmental sustainability and its picturesque setting make it a compelling destination for eco-tourists and history enthusiasts alike.


Pros of Living Cons of Living
Excellent environmental conditions. Urban infrastructure is not as developed as in other popular areas of Northern Cyprus.
The opportunity to lead a quiet and peaceful life away from the noise of big cities. Relatively limited selection of properties for investors.
Promising future prospects for real estate investors as the area is just beginning to develop.  

Reasons Why You Should Visit Northern Cyprus

Each city and town in this enchanting region offers a unique glimpse into the soul of the island, blending the past with the present in a landscape as diverse as its people. Whether you are seeking adventure, relaxation, or a deep dive into the annals of history, Northern Cyprus provides a backdrop to an unforgettable journey. Here are key reasons to explore Northern Cyprus:

  • Rich Historical Heritage: From ancient ruins to medieval castles, each city offers a window into the past.
  • Diverse Landscapes: Rugged mountains, tranquil beaches, lush orchards, and bustling towns await discovery.
  • Cultural Melting Pot: Experience the blend of cultures that have shaped this region over millennia.
  • Warm Hospitality: The locals are known for their welcoming nature and eagerness to share their culture.
  • Culinary Delights: Savor the local cuisine, a reflection of the island’s rich cultural mosaic.

Northern Cyprus stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of its people and the timeless allure of its landscapes. It is a place where adventure intertwines with tranquility, inviting all who visit to partake in its many wonders.