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Aqua West
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Introducing Aqua West, an exclusive residential enclave masterfully crafted by the renowned developer, Evergreen. Nestled in the serene coastal locale of Tatlisu, Aqua West offers a harmonious blend of luxury, tranquility, and modern living.

Key Features and Lifestyle Benefits:

Premium Residences: Aqua West unveils a selection of premium residences, meticulously designed to offer a superior living experience. Immerse yourself in a world where sophistication meets comfort, and each residence is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship.

Secluded Serenity: Escape to the tranquility of a quiet and secluded area, where Aqua West becomes your private retreat by the sea. Experience the soothing sounds of the waves and the gentle sea breeze, providing a backdrop of peace and relaxation.

Efficient Timeline: Aqua West promises the realization of your dream home within an efficient timeframe. With completion set just 18 months after the first instalment, your journey to coastal living is streamlined for a swift and delightful experience.

Evergreen Excellence: Evergreen, synonymous with excellence and innovation, brings its commitment to quality to Aqua West. Discover a residence where attention to detail, modern conveniences, and architectural brilliance converge seamlessly.

Tatlisu’s Coastal Charm: Situated in the captivating region of Tatlisu, Aqua West allows you to embrace the enchanting beauty of the Northern Cyprus coastline. Revel in the breathtaking views, sandy beaches, and azure waters that define Tatlisu’s coastal allure.

Private Infrastructure: Aqua West is more than a residence; it’s a lifestyle. Enjoy the convenience of on-site infrastructure, including exclusive amenities and landscaped spaces. From leisure facilities to communal areas, Aqua West is designed for a life of comfort and leisure.

Investment Appeal: Beyond its allure as a luxury residence, Aqua West presents a compelling investment opportunity. The rising demand for premium properties in Northern Cyprus positions Aqua West as a wise investment choice.

Embark on Your Coastal Living Experience:

Evergreen invites you to embark on a journey to Aqua West, where coastal elegance meets modern sophistication. Whether you envision a permanent residence, a vacation home, or a strategic investment, Aqua West caters to your aspirations.

Secure your place at Aqua West and anticipate a life where every moment is infused with coastal charm and luxurious living. Aqua West – a testament to Evergreen’s dedication to creating homes that redefine coastal living. Discover your haven by the sea today!


Aqua West
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18 months after first instalment
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